Third Party Billing

Due to the ongoing litigation in Pennsylvania about COVID-19 and business insurance coverage. Our insurance company has made us aware they are no longer providing coverage for companies who do 3rd party billing and work.


  WHEREAS, Quinn’s recognizes the urgent need to prepare and maintain a highly skilled workforce that is capable of meeting the demands of the industry we serve; and   WHEREAS, the United States currently faces a skills gap in the number of qualified workers to supply the needs across the plumbing, heating, air conditioning industry; and   WHEREAS, apprenticeship programs are uniquely capable …

Warranty Issues

  WARRANTIES Equipment warranties are included with the purchase of your equipment or fixtures and are honored by the manufacturer through us. When something goes wrong you call us, we make the repair and contact the manufacturer. Pretty straight forward and fairly easy to make repairs.    

Job Description PLUMBER

We are the market leaders and looking for our plumbers to grow in the future and move up the ladder. We are a very aggressive and growing company, and we want only the very best and very motivated. With generations of experience delivering the highest quality service available to over 8500 clients, Quinn’s Plumbing, Heating, Cooling …