Why Is It So Painful to Pay $4 for Gas?

But it’s no big deal to pay nearly $16 a gallon for bottled water ?

That’s kinda scary if you ask me. Do you remember when we had .50 cents a gallon for gas and paying for bottled water would have been a joke. (Am I that old?) You don’t have to be old to be shocked by what we’re about to tell you. Here is our promise, we will make it worth your while in dollars, cents, and in your health.

Okay, just making a gallon of gas takes refineries, millions of dollars of investment, international and off-shore sources affecting thousands of employees and world economies in a distribution network. Gas is expensive to make.

Last time I checked, water fell from the sky!

We pay the most for that which comes “naturally” from underground. Is this making good sense to you? This is water, but that’s not nearly as shocking as this. Read the label on your bottled water. When you see “Purified by reverse osmosis” it sounds impressive or expensive, but it means only one thing. You’ll see this phrase on water from the store, the vending machine, the “delivered” water… whatever.

Still means one thing

Filtered tap water. Yes, almost all of this expensive water is Municipal Water – like at your tap – that’s been re-filtered and lavishly bottled. Many of these bottlers are in the soft-drink business using the same water, same filters, just no soda. I’m sure they love getting paid more for the water than the soda!

However, you can have bottled quality water right at your tap, using the same process, yet with far more advantages all for about 4 cents a gallon!

It’s true and so is this

  • You’ll enjoy bottled water taste from every tap — no more unpleasant taste or odor.
  • It’s healthy: it can remove 99.98716% of bacteria and impurities from your Municipal Water…while reducing particulates and chlorine.
  • But the essential healthy minerals remain. It’s the best of both worlds, right in your home!
  • There’s no energy used, and it continues to filter water for your home (even if there’s a power failure) — so there’s no electric or gas costs.
  • No trips to the store. No lugging jugs of water. No delivery or rental fees.
  • Appliances and pipes can last longer, since particles that build up and damage working parts won’t get there to start with! This means less need for a plumber.
  • Reduces dry, itchy skin & allergic reactions that chlorinated water can cause. You’ll be bathing or showering in the most pure, refreshing water you can imagine.
  • The system cleans itself — automatically — every day! Only fractional maintenance is needed for thousands of gallons! 

For literally pennies on the dollar, you get all the health and financial benefits of bottled water right in your home.

We’re very excited about this simple (but sophisticated) system for your home. Best of all, it takes only a couple of hours to install and the small investment can easily be financed. Plus it pays you back dozens of times versus any other bottled water alternative!

So if you’re tired of paying absurd, sky-high prices for bottled water that’s no better than what you can have right at your tap.

Here’s what to do right now.

1. Call us to set up your Free Water Quality Survey. There’s no cost, no obligation whatsoever. We’ll be performing these in your neighborhood over the next few days, so call soon to get the earliest appointments.
2. We’ll perform a quick, simple test (takes about 18 minutes) of your water and give you an exact quote on the remarkable Whole House Filtration System.
3. That’s it. You decide if you want the financial, health, and convenience benefits of this system in your home.

We promise to make it worth your while, and I hope you’ll take the 2 or 3 minutes needed to call us for your free appointment so you can gain the real benefits.

To Your Health,