Water Well Pump Service

Pitless Type Well

Keeping Your Water Supply Working

In some areas of Berks, Chester, Lehigh and Montgomery counties your water comes from a well instead of the municipal water supply. A well pump that is not working properly won't supply you with water. This is a catastrophic event. Making sure your pump works properly is critical to your needs.  Quinn's has experts with well pump service knowledge.

Here are the most common problems:

  • Pressure switch stuck
  • Clogged pump lines
  • Low water pressure
  • Wells that are too shallow
  • Oversized/undersized pumps
  • Pressure tank leaks


A lot of  problems are because of poor installation or maintenance. Is your pump is running frequently or shutting off intermittently?  This can be a sign of a failure. This may be due to additional water use, new appliance or leaks. All of which can overwhelm your well pump making it work harder.

How We Fix Well Issues

During our visit, we will test your well, well pump, storage tank and all pipes leading to your home to determine the condition of your system. We will provide you with options that includes upfront prices for returning your well back to proper conditions.

Having your pump checked by our plumbing experts can:

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Increase pump efficiency
  • Identify potential future problems

Maintenance is essential to keeping your pump working and providing you with enough water for years to come.

Well Pump Types

Your well pump is one of these types, shallow jet pump, 2 pipe jet pump or submersible.

  • For wells that are less than 25 feet deep, a shallow jet pump is ideal.
  • Deeper wells (30- 100 feet deep) typically use a 2 pipe jet pump .
  • In the event that your well is 100 feet or deeper, a submersible pump is used.

Each type of pump has several different horsepower ratings. Typically, for every fixture or appliance that uses water, you will need 1 GPM. Most homes use a pump with a output of 8-12 GPM on average.

A new pump is needed if you have more water being used or if your pump is no longer working. Our trained experts can determine the size pump you need.

No Water!

Without water, you won't function or perform even the most basic task. Don't ignore pump problems. Our experts are ready to provide you with best well pump service in Berks, Chester, Montgomery and Lehigh Counties.