Why US

Why Us, that is a question we get asked alot. So, lets walk through what we do different than other plumbing and hvac service companies. The easiest way for us to answer that question is explain to you how we do things at Quinn's.

So let's go over how we do things at Quinn's as follows:

We serve people, we don't sell. How do we serve people?

Educating them about choices they have using information about the best available technology to solve their needs.

  • When you call us for help we answer the phone knowing you called the right company to solve your problems.
  • Our phone warriors talk to our clients they know they called the right company.
  • Our expert is on the way to your house, you get a phone call 20 minutes before to let you know your call is next and if you need us to stop at the WAWA.
  • When the expert arrives he sets up his work area to function as net and clean as possible. Our expert then proceeds to examine and diagnose the problem you are having.
  • Once we have examined what the problem is you are having. We develop solutions to educate the homeowner.
  • Then we sit down to give you 5 options right out of the book.
  • We also explain the benefits of having a total home care club.
  • We then take care of the paper work with you the homeowner so all the questions are answered upfront.
  • After the paperwork is done we complete the task at hand and clean up all to your 100% satisfaction.
  • Then we perform the following: valve tags, equipment stickers, safety checklist.
  • The last thing we do is ask for your online review to see if we delivered 5 star service as promised. How else can we improve and grow unless we get your feedback and learn from it.

Still think we are joking.

Give us call at 610-376-6001 we will earn your trust and satisfaction everyday. Schedule your call here.