Delays Updated

    Here is our latest update of equipment delays and price increases from our suppliers due to the on going Covid-19 impact on the economy. These and other factors in the supply chain are beyond our control. Here is the last updates: • Unico is on a 3–5-week backlog for HV systems equipment •...

Third Party Billing

Due to the ongoing litigation in Pennsylvania about COVID-19 and business insurance coverage. Our insurance company has made us aware they are no longer providing coverage for companies who do 3rd party billing and work.


WHEREAS, Quinn’s recognizes the urgent need to prepare and maintain a highly skilled workforce that is capable of meeting the demands of the industry we serve; and   WHEREAS, the United States currently faces a skills gap in the number of qualified workers to supply the needs across the plumbing, heating, air conditioning industry; and   WHEREAS, apprenticeship programs are uniquely capable of providing the academic...

Water Damage

There are numerous sources, water is one of the top causes of home damage each year. Aside from needing to know what type of damage was done to your home for insurance purposes, you need to know the different types of water damage in order to understand how they affect your health and your home’s structure. These are the three main types of water damage to be wary of.

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