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Ok, I know this sounds crazy even strange, but it is an important question. Let me explain. When I was growing up in the sixties, (no boomer jokes) my uncle Stan had a picture similar to this one hanging on his living room wall. The picture was framed and mounted hanging tall and proud in the living room.

I asked him how he got this picture. My uncle said he got it after completing his apprenticeship training as a plumber in 1942. To remind him of how important his job was and what it means to be a plumber. Then came WWII and he was drafted into the Marines. Uncle Sam at the time had a different plan for my uncle and being a plumber wasn’t at the top of the list. Fast forward to December 1945, my uncle’s time in the Marines came to an end along with my father and thousands of other men and women of that era.

That meant it was time to go back to plumbing. There was a shortage of skilled labor like my uncle’s and a housing boom in this country. So, apprenticeship programs like the one I am an instructor in excelled.