Pretty fall colors mean nasty fall allergies

Nasty Fall Allergies


Dear Homeowner,

Pretty fall colors! Ahh! As you breathe in the first few breaths of that crisp autumn air, it certainly can be rejuvenating. For many, it’s the perfect time of year. For others, it’s the WORST time of year if you are one who suffers from seasonal allergies.

While there is not much, we can do to control Mother Nature, we can help you control the air you breathe inside your own home.  Yes, we can help you suffer less and breather cleaner air with fewer allergens inside your home.

What’s our Secret?

It’s called the Dynamic Air Cleaner. Our air cleaning system is superior to ordinary filters and air purifiers, that only help in whatever room they are placed.

Did you know that the air inside our homes is often more dangerous than the air outside?

It’s true. Since we started building homes to make them more energy efficient, we have also essentially trapped air inside. Then your home heating and cooling system re-circulates that air all over the house again and again. Now this may be great for your energy bill, but not so good for your lungs and your health in general.

If allergies were not reason enough to consider our Dynamic Air Cleaners, surely the dangers from regular household cleaners, pesticides, pet hair and even airborne chemicals from carpets should have you thinking twice about the air you breathe inside your home.

But you can gain peace of mind and breathe easier knowing that all you have to do to get started is to call your highly trained experts at Quinn’s at 610-376-6001.

We’ll show you how our Dynamic Air Cleaners trap pollen, spores, dust, pet dander, and even things like viruses, mold, and bacteria. Our Dynamic Air Cleaners are different than ordinary filters and superior to other electronic air “purifiers” in that they are a whole-house system that trap particles as small as point-three microns (which is the size of air particles in tobacco smoke). That means we can make your system 97% more efficient at providing cleaner, better air for you and your family to breathe at home.

So, give us a call at 610-376-6001 or click here to schedule your appointment.

Yours in Year-Round Comfort,