Water Damage


Water Darining

There are numerous sources, water is one of the top causes of home damage each year. Aside from needing to know what type of damage was done to your home for insurance purposes, you need to know the different types of water damage in order to understand how they affect your health and your home’s structure. These are the three main types of water damage to be wary of.

Sewer-Caused Water Damage

This type of water damage happens when water doesn’t properly drain from your home and flows back into your pipes. It can be caused by a large clog, tree roots growing inside your sewer lines, or even just an outdated sewer system.

Since this water comes back from your sewer system, it’s often foul-smelling and dirty, which poses a risk to your health. If you find your home suffering from this type of water damage, it’s essential to have the problem taken care of professionally to ensure your health and safety.

Overflow Water Damage

This is one of the more common types of water damage homeowners experience. Overflow damage is typically caused by water that escapes from an appliance, pipe, or general water source site.

The main problem here is that these situations often happen suddenly — a burst pipe or an overflowing washing machine — and when they do, you’re typically left with a lot of water to worry about.

Flood Water Damage

This is the type of water damage you can’t do much to control. Flood damage occurs when water levels rise so high outside that the water pours into your home. Depending on how extensive your flood damage is, you may have to make major repairs to your home in order to make it safe.

One of the ways you can protect your home from water damage is by keeping your plumbing in good shape. To keep your home safe, contact the experts at Quinn's for help!


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