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Virtual Plumber

virtual plumber
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Virtual Plumber

Whether you are experiencing a real time emergency or need help with a do it yourself home plumbing repair. Quinn's is here to assist you in your time of need. WE DO NOT dispatch a plumber to your home. You call us (610) 376-6001 for our virtual plumber, pay the fee and we walk you through your situation.

This service is designed to assist YOU via a telephone call or preferably a face time call to walk YOU through your situation. Quinn's can assist and advise in a real time emergency or help YOU finish a do it yourself home plumbing repair.  We offer qualified, licensed plumbers with many years experience in all phases of plumbing to give advise and step by step instructions to assist you. This service was created to save YOU money and time dealing with most small plumbing issues that may arise from time to time.  Not all plumbing issues can be dealt with via a phone or face time call. But many small plumbing issues can be resolved this way.

So how does it work?

You give us a phone call or e-mail. We set up a time to talk or face time to walk you through your plumbing repair.

How much does it cost?

Phone calls and face time call charges are $2.00 per minute for the first 15 minutes, $1.00 per minute each additional minute. There is a 15 minute ( $30.00) minimum fee.

Do you offer any guarantees?

If we are NOT successful in assisting you with your plumbing repair. You will only be required to pay the initial ($30.00) minimal fee / 1st 15 minutes charge. This applies only to phone calls or face time calls that are 30 minutes and less.


We can only offer advice for Pennsylvania residents since we are only licensed in PA.